Bakecraft Launches SIMMER!

As Bakecraft celebrates it's first year at its new location which is in Festival Mall Alabang, an exciting idea was born. We ALWAYS aim to be BETTER at we do. And that is what we also want to impart to our students and clients. Hence, the birth of SIMMER! A place where ideas, kitchen adventures, and worthwhile food experiences are simmered.  SIMMER is more than just a venue for baking classes. You can cook here, bond with your friends and loved ones over food, and hold other wholesome learning activities. We have a new roster of chefs/instructors for you to meet and learn from, to teach you dishes and goodies that are not just popular in the Philippines but in the whole world as well. Our lifestyle courses are good for beginners and even those with basic knowledge but needing a refresher :) You won't easily find our classes in a typical lifestyle class studio. But don't be sad, we'll still have your favorite chefs come over, from time to time. 
July 5, 2019 marks the launching of SIMMER. We had an open house attended by several guests/former students. Everyone had a glimpse of what SIMMER classes are gonna be in the coming days. Our new chefs, Chef Michelle Adrillana, Chef Didier Derouet, and Chef Nards Novelo had demos and a brief discussion on the upcoming classes. Our guests also get to ask more about the recipes presented to them. Of course everyone got to sample the recipes demonstrated. 
So friends, always check out our Facebook and Instagram posts for more updates on new classes and new chefs. Come and join the fun and exciting world of cooking, baking and more! Only here at SIMMER. 

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